Adipocere Soap

Dr. Fictitious's Paste for Stink

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Stink happens, as they say in, well, nowhere I can think of. I'm playing my B game today. Sorry folks.

But seriously, you don't need cleverness to be convinced to try this stuff. It's great, it's flying off the shelves so fast I can barely keep up with it. At least three people have claimed to be addicted. I think they might be overstating. Available in 4 fragrances at present, may be made to order. If your deo has to be made, you'll get an email from the Queen Freak with a shipping date estimate.

Available Fragrances: 
Zanzibar (citrus and basil)
Spirits (patchouli and lavender)
Plague Mask (Frankinsence and Lemongrass)
Fireplug (Teatree and Peppermint)