Adipocere Soap

ADIPINS!!! Button Flair that is Geeky, Freaky, Uniquey.

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Queen Freak can't get enough arty expression. Check out the collection of Buttons made with public domain art & nerdy expressions, literary energy, and plain old weirdness. 

These buttons are a little more than 1.5" across.

Grab a Set

Political Set

Eat the Rich, Go Die, F*ck the Patriarchy, Smash the Patriarchy

Dream Set

All 6 of the images from The Drolatic Dreams of Pantagruel. Stay tuned for more of these whimsical, sometimes phallic, designs. 

Cactus Set

All 3 cactus images

Whitman Pair

What Would Walt Whitman Do & I am Large, I contain Multitudes

Tesseract Pair

Both of the Tesseract "four-dimensional" illustrations

Caterpillar Set

All 4 caterpillars from a German wall calendar from 1928