Adipocere Soap

Roll-on Fragrance in your Fave Soap Scents

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Now you don't have to stop smelling like your favorite bar once you leave the shower. 

Little labes mean we didn't give these guys some kind of clever, provocative suffix for the title, like Fragrance for the Neurotic. But  even small packages pack all the oddball intentions you've come to expect from us over here in the Adipocere Workshop.  

Queen freak carries Plague Mask around with her. It's her FAVE!!! 

Four of your fave options for sinking pretty: 

Spirits: Lavender & Patchouli
Zanzibar: Citrus & Basil
Plague Mask: Earthy blend of Frankinsence, Amyris, and Lavender.
Bludger: Patchouli and citrus blend

They all contain grapeseed oil + an essential oil blend.