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AdipoXmas Gift Sets

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Everybody has a weirdo in their lives. Pick up a lovely + weird gift set for the best oddball you know. Here are the options: 

Fragrance Layering: available in Plague Mask, Zanzibar, Spirits, Fireplug, comes with a soap, shampoo, spritzer, deodorant, and fragrance rollon or lip balm (in the case of Fireplug). 

Freak Feet a.k.a. Hippie Pedicure: Comes with an 8 oz Beaten Dew Beaters herbal salt soak, a natural pumice stone, a foot serum in peppermint, a puck soap & lip balm in  Queen Freak's Choice. 

All the Soaps: Comes with three soaps, Queen Freak's Choice. If you have a preference, note it at checkout + we will do our best to honor these requests. 

S(k)in Meats: Comes with a body butter in mintish or lavendula, a skin meat serum, and a haruspex charcoal puck.  

And finally, the Odball Men's set, available in The Morbs, Innsmouth, or Bludger, and